an at home chinese feast

Although I love eating out (as evidenced on this blog...), I don't think anything beats having a cosy evening with friends in the comfort of your own (or their) home.

Of course, that means someone has to cook... and this time, it was J's turn, and he wowed us with a delectable spread of delicious Chinese dishes. C was on cleaning and setting-the-table duty, both of which were done as beautifully as usual -

We were spoilt with perfectly roast duck, a chicken dish with ginger and dried fruit that was probably my favourite (so so so good), steamed sea bream flavoured with rainbow flavours, spicy cabbage, char siu buns and mapo tofu, all served with fluffy rice.

When we're young, we take it for granted that we'll be cooked for - whether by parents, or by our school caterers, or any other grown ups around. So I think it's only when you're out of school and needing to fend for yourself, that you truly appreciate how wonderful it is to be fed without you doing any of the work.

So it's a real treat to be given great meals by our friends (I'm lucky that all my close friends love food and can also cook very well! or maybe that's how I choose them...) like this one. Thank you J, you have serious skills!