yauatcha lunch menu

I have been eating out a little too often this month, but sometimes it happens - I'll just have to be extra good next month!

Anyway, this time was a pre-arranged one that I had promised C I would take her out for, as part her birthday present back in April. She loves Yauatcha, so I decided that trying their Taste Of Yauatcha menu might be a good gift.

It's not the most affordable restaurant a la carte, so for the amount of food you get with this menu, 29 pounds for 2 is a very good deal.

There were two each of everything, and it was all very delicious - and beautiful too!

We also shared dessert and digested with some coffee, which isn't included in the menu. I actually like this though, as it gives you an option to stay or go elsewhere for something sweet.

This gorgeous rose shaped raspberry delice with chocolate mousse and lychee something-or-other inside was deceivingly rich - but we managed to finish every crumb, obviously.

The only downside about the menu is that it's restricted to Mon-Thurs from 2-6pm, which is not a time you can be gallivanting around town if you work a 9-5 job (both C and I have non-office irregular schedule jobs so we're lucky that way). If you have a day off or are visiting London, I would highly recommend trying this out - it's a good way to see what Yauatcha is about, and feels very luxurious!