Much Ado About Nothing @ The Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's Globe needs no introduction, but I'll give you a brief one anyway. It's a beautiful open air theatre that showcases many of Shakespeare's works (although not exclusively) every year in the Spring - Summer season, it was originally opened in 1599. Well, not this exact building, but it is a modern reconstruction which definitely has the look and feel of what the original one may have done.

Tickets for the popular plays and dates sell out very fast, so we booked ours fairly early - although we chose Yard tickets (standing in the "pit") which might be more readily available.

I was a little anxious about the weather, but thankfully it held up and there was no rain, and surprisingly not freezing in the arena!

Before I get ahead of myself, the little stalls outside selling food & drink and offering cushions for the hard wooden seats are lovely. They were selling some pretty good looking food which I missed out on trying - next time.

The inside of the theatre and the stage itself are truly special. You get swallowed up into an atmosphere that is quite unlike anything else.

The play we saw, Much Ado About Nothing, was absolutely brilliant. So funny, so witty, and the actors were amazing. I have a soft spot for this play, having studied with a great English teacher, and having been utterly obsessed with the movie of it in my teens (what a cast! Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh are superb.)

The crowd shook with laughter constantly and it went by so quickly -

- except of course, after a couple of hours of standing, I got every so slightly tired in the legs. Oh, and because I am so ridiculously short, my neck ached a bit from craning to see above all the tall heads (that just seemed to congregate right in front of me).

So if you think you can't handle the standing, it's worth it to spend extra for the seating - but for 5 pounds a pop, especially when booking well in advance with the risk of plans changing, I think the standing is manageable.

It's a must visit if you're travelling to London, and if you live here, I hope you have tickets! Or click right now and get some.

Afterwards, you get to see London lit up and it's quite a beautiful sight.