franco manca

One typical London day, it was beautifully sunny one minute and pouring down with rain the next. We had only just arrived in Trafalgar Square where they had set up stalls and shops for St. George's Day, but with no umbrellas (big fail) we needed a Plan B fast.

Then I remembered a pizzeria that I had been meaning to try out for a while, and that there was one just a couple of tube stops away near Tottenham Court Road.

A healthy alternative is nice and everything, but sometimes you just need the real thing, right?

I didn't have to say the word pizza twice, E was on board and off we went to Franco Manca.

I apologise in advance for the slightly weird looking photos - there was a very bright spotlight above the table and it made everything look quite dramatic on camera!

To make you understand just how much I loved the wonder that is their sourdough base, you have to know that a) I am a thin crust girl all the way, and b) I typically leave a lot of the crust of a pizza.

But the chewy, tasty base of the Franco Manca pizzas were irresistible - I ate the whole entire thing no problem. It was so good!

E made his own pizza with a selection of toppings, and I chose one of their specials - a white pizza (my favourite) with Italian sausage and a vegetable I can't remember (broccoli perhaps?). They were polished off in record time, and we were thoroughly impressed.

I also need to point out that they are incredibly reasonably priced - my one was under 8 pounds which is quite rare in London. And for such fresh and excellent quality, it's a winner all round.

They have 7 locations in the city, so you have no excuse. Get yourself there ASAP.