burger brothers & brighton food festival

We are coming to the end of the Brighton posts... sad, but at least we are ending with a bang!

A burger-shaped bang, that is.

Our trip was made infinitely more delicious thanks to the wonderful recommendations that I was given from the lovely Shu (have a look at her food blog here, where she wrote about the Brighton food festival too although sadly we weren't there on the same day. you can also find her on youtube) - she was the one who gave us the heads up for those nutella donuts, and she is to also to blame for all the foodie goodness that followed!

Considering our love for burgers, when she mentioned this little place called Burger Brothers and said it was even better than Patty & Bun (such a statement calls for italics) (although I'm now leaning towards Honest Burgers taking my number one spot... shh), it immediately became a must-try.

And so we went, to this tiny little place that looks like a non-descript takeaway place from the outside, but packs a punch with its menu.

I mean it when I say that the place is tiny. There were just a few counter seats, two of which we grabbed as we waited for our order, but mostly people were just hanging out, waiting to take their burgers outside. It was definitely popular though, and once we got our hands on our burgers, we could see why.

We both chose "Our Favourite", as recommended by Shu - a burger with roasted red pepper, caramelised onion & goat's cheese, with some kind of delicious cajun sauce. This was fantastic - the meat was great quality, the flavours just worked and we polished them off in no time. 

When are we going to get a BB in London?!

Fast forward to after our time on the Pier, and our destination was the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival. It was held on a little (or quite large) lawn, where there was live music and kids wearing face paint and all kinds of delicious smells wafting around.

Although there were a lot of amazing looking stalls, we were quite stuffed with the burgers and donuts that we'd had earlier (though we regretted nothing), so we didn't have the courage to try out any proper food.

But if there is one thing I can never pass up, it's ice cream. Yet another suggestion by Shu, Boho Gelato was offering Salted Caramel Gelato. I know better than to miss out on something like that.

And on that note, see you again soon Brighton.