yalla yalla

Last weekend E and I both had to coop up at home and work, so on Friday night we consoled/fueled ourselves at a new-to-us Lebanese restaurant, Yalla Yalla.

We went to the tiny branch in Green's Court, and we were lucky enough to grab a table right before a queue started forming outside.

Considering our sky high hunger levels, we may have had eyes bigger than our stomachs, but nevertheless we tried our best to polish everything off!

Starting with tabbouleh, fried seafood & lamb croquettes.

In my opinion, fried seafood in any shape or form is always a winner, so that made me quite excited.  The lamb was E's choice and we were a little underwhelmed - it was a tad dry, and although the yogurt sauce that came with it did lift the flavour somewhat, it wasn't our favourite. The tabbouleh was lovely and fresh though.

For the main dish, we both went for the Chicken Shwarma, which came in a huge portion -

If we had known it would be so big we would definitely have only ordered one to share. It was good, nothing hugely impressive but nicely flavoured and very filling.

This place is clearly popular, and I can see the appeal - fresh Lebanese street food in generous portions, nice cosy atmosphere, good quality meat and an interesting menu. If I was in the neighbourhood again I wouldn't say no to this place, but I'm not entirely sure it's the best Lebanese in London at this price point. For me, Comptoir Libanais stands infront, but I haven't tried too much of their menu yet.

That being said, obviously I was more than enjoying my meal, looking as elegant as always...

P.s. someone please stop me from buying any more striped tops of any kind. It's a problem.