I have three very close girlfriends, two of whom I went to school with and have been friends with since I was 14. Us three have been through a lot together (one of them was my roommate in boarding school for over 4 years), we've had our ups and downs, but we've grown up through all of that as a simultaneously fragile and strong unit. And a few days ago saw us sitting on the Southbank, celebrating the engagement of S, such an exciting and happy time.

One of the best things I have in this life are true, loyal, honest and steadfast friendships. Like all good things, they require work, they go through rough patches and they can be complicated. My friends are interesting, opinionated, intelligent, sincere and challenging. And that's what makes me so, incredibly lucky to have what I have - I don't know how I would go through life without them.

Tell me the most important thing you look for in a friendship. We could all learn something.