The beautiful weather we've been having in London is definitely helping to cure this (probably temporarily), but in the last few weeks, I have been suffering from what is commonly known as Wanderlust.

It may have been triggered by, or at least encouraged by, this wonderful gift that we were given from my sister.

A wall map that covers all possible destinations in the world in gold. Gold that you scratch off as you travel around the globe! What a genius idea.

I've seen similar things like these in the past, but the ones I've come across require you to stick a pin into each visited place, which always reminded me of those maps you see in war movies where they're planning the attacks.

This one is so much more fun, gorgeous to look at, and really makes you want to get off your bum and see the world. E and I have been fortunate enough to travel to lots of different countries individually, but we decided to only count the places we've been to together.

Naturally, we started by scratching off our honeymoon paradise - the Maldives.

Another thing that has been feeding my craving to explore is this book. I actually got it as a gift for someone, but it just sat there calling my name… so I gave in. Don't worry, I'll get another copy! 

How could I not though, when it promises to give you an off-the-beaten-path guide to city breaks in 125 different European cities?

It's really a beautiful book, the illustrations are lovely to look at, and I can't wait to read all about those places we'll scratch out in future months and years. 

Do you have a favourite European city that you've visited?