the shed

One of my oldest friends is very well acquainted with the Notting Hill area (bonus for me, I love it there) and for our girly dinner date, she suggested The Shed.

It's a restaurant that boasts a different menu everyday, made with produce and meats from local farmers in Sussex. It's a kind of tapas situation in that you share smaller plates, so that's exactly what we did.

We started with a "Mouthful"- endive, goats cheese, pear jam.

Honestly, this was fine but not worth 1.50 a piece! We got suckered into ordering it by the waiter, but we definitely could have done without.

Anyway, onto the main dishes -

From top to bottom we had beetroot hummus with heritage carrots, lamb "chips", seared pork and grilled lamb.

The two lamb dishes definitely stole the show - the chips were original and delicious without being heavy or greasy, and the grilled lamb was so tender and flavourful and perfect with the sauces. The hummus and pork were good too, but not exceptional.

I definitely enjoyed the meal, and the restaurant has a cosy, rustic feel with a low ceiling and personal touches to create that "shed" feel, but I don't think it's great value for money. I do like to support independent farmers so I fully support their concept, and the place was packed so it's obviously very popular, but it's not one of my favourite places I've tried in the area.

That being said, I'm still glad I tried it and I don't regret the dinner - good food and good company never go to waste!