springtime in hyde park

Were the last couple of weekends false alarms? Because it's hard to believe that it was this sunny and warm just 10 days ago… but that's England for you.

At least we made the most of it while Spring poked its nose in (I saw a couple of ladies bare legged in mini skirts and flip-flops, which might have been a bit optimistic but I understand the sentiment).

Hyde Park is a favourite of mine, not only for the beauty but also for personal memories, like picnicking after my move back to Londoncelebrating after our legal marriage ceremony, and countless other times I've enjoyed there with friends.

It's located in the perfect spot - after a bit of shopping and bustling around on High Street Kensington, the park is at your disposal for a rest in the shade or for basking in the sunshine. The lake in the middle of the park has some work going on around it so the fencing wasn't particularly pretty that day, but we had a beautiful walk on the paths along with dogs, babies in prams and couples walking hand in hand.