primrose hill

Last sunday, it was the most spectacularly beautiful day in London. Not a single cloud in the sky, and the temperature rising so high I cursed my decision to wear black jeans.

If you live in London (or anywhere in the UK), you can understand that this is an opportunity you cannot pass up - you've got to go out and soak up every single drop of Vitamin D you possibly can.

E and I started the day with a run, then a delicious brunch at a special spot in Soho (more on that in a couple of days), and then I had a mission for both of us.

I had heard of the amazing view of the city that could be seen from Primrose Hill, a popular area north of Regent's Park. After somehow putting it off for far too long, I told E this was the day we would climb up that hill and see what all the fuss was about.

Let's just say we were well rewarded for our efforts.

What a glorious, panoramic view of London. Lots of people had the same idea as us, lounging around and picnicking on the grass, basking in the sunshine.

I was glad that we had waited for such a perfect day to see this for the first time, and on days like these in the upcoming months I'll be sure to trek up again (definitely with a picnic next time).

We had a wander through the surrounding residential roads and through streets lined with quaint little cafΓ©s and restaurants, and found the whole area charming. As a bonus, I stumbled across the house where Sylvia Plath used to live - such little chance discoveries make me so grateful to live in a city full of history, culture and natural beauty (even if we have a rainy and sunny days ratio of 10:1).