honest burgers

I'm more than a little late on the bandwagon, but it was well worth the wait to check out Honest Burgers.

Sundays have become a bit of a "treat day" for me and E, as we always do a run in the morning and are starving by brunch or lunch time. Also, there is that well known fact of calories not counting on Sundays. That works for me.

Anyway, I had felt for a while that our mission to find the best burger in London had been on hold for too long, so it was my request to finally try Honest Burgers.

We went to the one on Portobello Road, just before midday to ensure we didn't have to queue.

After a quick peruse of the menu, E went for the Brewburger (something involving beer and candied bacon. winner all round) and I went for the Honest, basically a classic burger with everything.

So far in my burger adventures around the city, Patty & Bun have kept the top spot (alongside Admiral Codrington, but that is a "higher end" goumet burger). But now... I have to say, Honest Burgers is right up there with them. They are different but equally good - I loved the true medium rare of the beef at HB, something a lot of burger places don't seem to do, and the chips with rosemary salt were some of the best I've had, albeit a little on the salty side. We both agreed that the quality of the meat was fantastic, and really couldn't fault either creation.

I'm so glad we tried HB at long last, I'm pretty sure this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (And now I want to watch Casablanca again.)