hawker house: street feast

Having read about this foodie heaven on BecksShu and Angela's blogs, I knew I had to see it for myself. Now you know why we were in East London… food was our destination, naturally. Street Feast

is set up in an old factory, creating an indoor street market with 10 food stalls and 4 bars. The atmosphere is lively, the people friendly and the whole set up is casual and colourful.

As for the food, we went to town. We tried something from 5 of the 10 stalls. The unanimous favourite was the pork ribs - so good. Especially since I rarely eat ribs but have been craving them (those who watch House of Cards will understand!). The gyoza was good, E loved them but the chilli sauce threw me off a bit - being a bit of a soy sauce & vinegar purist. The pork belly buns from Bao were delicious (Yum Buns weren't available sadly, but I expect they are similar), and those extremely naughty fried pork belly croquettes (sneakily chosen by E, unsurprisingly)? Outrageous, but undeniably, sinfully good.

Dessert was one weird concoction - a Bacon & Maple Syrup Brownie. E wasn't in love with it, but I thought it was just subtle enough to get away with the crazy concept. The salty & sweet combo never gets old! I do believe that bacon & maple syrup go best with pancakes and french toast though.

All washed down with a bucket of my favourite cocktail, Margarita.

Catch their 10 week run before 22nd March (open every Friday & Saturday), although surely they'll have to come back again due to popular demand?