etsy: jewellery gift ideas

One of my most viewed posts on this blog is the one where I talked about the gifts I gave my bridesmaids.

Since I gave them to my girls last August, I've seen them wear those necklaces quite often, which has made me so happy! Although at the time, I wished I had a bigger budget to spend on their gifts because they deserve the best of the best, I think they turned out to be great picks and they do seem to like them which is the most important thing (or else they are just trying to be nice and wearing them when I'm around…).

There's been a lot of chat amongst my girlfriends about all thing wedding recently - partly because we are at a stage now where we are attending them all at once, but mostly because a lot of them probably have their own weddings coming up around the corner - which is all very exciting.

When I was planning mine, I was completely clueless about pretty much everything - I had never attended a wedding as an adult, and really had no idea about where to even start. The internet was my best friend, and one of the sites I visited constantly to find ideas for personal touches was Etsy, like the printable fortune tellers Q & A that we designed for our dinner menu which went down a treat.

When I was looking for bridesmaids gift ideas on Etsy, so many good ones came up - the printed dressing gownspersonalised clutches, even sneaky flasks in case of nerves - the possibilities are endless.

But when I found the huge selection of beautiful and unique jewellery pieces, I knew that these were the way to go for my gorgeous, elegant bridesmaids. And while I was on the hunt, I fell in love with so many delicate pieces during my search that I bookmarked for future gifts to friends (or for myself…).

So here are some of my very favourites that could be great for bridesmaids if you're wedding planning, or for a special friends you'd like to spoil.

Gold delicate wishbone bracelet : : Brushed gold bird bracelet
Set of pastel stone necklaces : : Snowflake necklace

Do you have a favourite pick out of the above? Have you made any good Etsy purchases lately?