crêpe cake

Step 1: make a shed load of crêpes.

Step 2: make a filling, anything you like (or even better yet, just get a bucket of Nutella), sandwich it between each crêpe, pile them up.

Step 3: sprinkle sugar on top and blow torch it into a crisp caramel just for decoration, marvel at the prettiness and cut in to see all the layers.

Happy Pancake Day!

p.s. this was just a fun experiment I did on the weekend, the filling didn't turn out quite right (it was coconut milk based, if you're wondering) so I'm not sharing the entire recipe, but I did come up with a good batter for dairy free crêpes - 6 large eggs, 3 cups almond milk, 2 TBSP agave nectar, 1.5 cups flour. You can find lots of great recipes for crêpe cakes on the internet, it's a great little twist to your standard pancakes (though I would never say no to plain old fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and bacon…)!