the breakfast club

This place is no secret.

Made pretty obvious by the sizeable queue…

… that went around the block.

When my sister, her friend J and I started queueing at 11:15 on a Saturday morning, we didn't realise quite how long the wait would be - if we had, we probably wouldn't have braved it. Ignorance was bliss in this case, because we only got inside an hour and a half later. That's dedication.

The last time I went there was my first time, and we got there at a funny time on a weekend - around 3/4pm - so we barely had to queue. This was a different experience all together, but it did make the food taste that much better once we were finally given our well-deserved brunch.

As you can see, it was quite the spread. We ordered the Full Monty (full English), pancakes with bacon, and french toast with apples and cinnamon. Although everything was delicious, we unanimously agreed that the pancakes were the stars of the show - it was confirmed that the first I tried them here wasn't a fluke.

We did ourselves proud -

Obviously, queueing for an hour and a half is for loonies, so I would suggest you go at an obscure time or on a weekday at least. If you can face the long queue though, it will be worth it - it'll be like running a marathon or giving birth. You'll forget the pain once it's done (or so I'm told…).