london: art and architecture

On the one miraculously sunny Sunday last weekend, we went for a lovely day out in the centre of the city. Our main destination was the Tate Modern, as we had tickets to the Paul Klee exhibition.

The past few weeks (months?) of rain and wind has had me walking around with my head down, trying to avoid getting gusts of dirt from getting into my eyes. So it was something of an awakening to look up for once in the beautiful sunshine, and see all the incredible architecture and impressive views that London has to offer - all too often hiding behind mother nature's moodiness.

The exhibition was fascinating - I've always been a fan of Klee's work, but hadn't known much about his life. It was a big one - you need plenty of time to get through just under 20 rooms - but it was absolutely worth it (catch it before 9th March!). To think that his art was displayed in an exhibition by the Nazis titled "Degenerate Art" due to their hostility towards modernism (along with artists like Chagall and Kandinsky, two of my all time favourites)… I can only feel glad that we live in different times now. 

As always, I picked up a couple of my favourite works in postcard form. 

We soaked up as much vitamin D as we could, walking along the river from the museum to Waterloo. The Southbank is always so full of life, an ideal place for people watching and not feeling silly taking photos all the time, surrounded by tourists with monster cameras around their necks.

When will we see another full day of sunshine again? I have no idea, but I guess the wait is worth it.