flesh & buns

I'm pretty sure that if you love to read London food blogs and follow the trend of popular places in the city, you've heard of the other restaurant by the people of Bone DaddiesFlesh & Buns.

We managed to get a last minute booking at 17:30 on a Friday night, which suited us fine since it was before we went to the theatre.

It ended up being a good thing too, as we discovered that they have an express menu before 6pm, which is a pretty good deal considering their a la carte prices, and perfect for first timers.

We chose the mixed seafood ceviche, and the spicy tuna roll to start.

Both were delicious - the fish was very fresh, the ceviche citrus-y and flavourful, and the sushi (while obviously not authentic enough for purists, but I'm a big fan) was some of the best I've had lately.

For the main event, the infamous "flesh & buns", we chose the crispy piglet belly & the crispy dug leg.

As you can see, the meat was sandwiched inside the fluffy white bun, topped with salad, pickles & sauce.

I kind of hate looking at these photos, because it honestly makes me crave them. They were so good.

And you know that italics are a big deal.

The pork was my favourite, incredibly indulgent and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and the sauce that it came with was the perfect touch. The duck was great as well, but nothing could beat that pork belly.

The two desserts we chose were the ginger cheesecake and the green tea sundae.

I'm an ice cream fiend so I dug right into that, and I managed to try a little of the cheesecake which really surprised me - the ginger goes so well with the rich sweetness.

Overall, we loved our dinner. I would highly recommend the Express Menu - considering that the pork and duck we had are around 14 pounds each a la carte, it's a great way to save some pennies while trying out their best dishes (I'm convinced they must be, although I'm curious about the flat iron steak).

Having tried both their restaurants now, I have to give it to them - they know what they're doing.