birthday boy

This is one of E's favourite photos of us, taken in Santorini in the summer of 2012 and is used as his screensaver, so I thought this would be fitting…

Because today is the his big three-oh birthday!

He has left his twenties behind him with gusto, cooking a truly epic dinner with plenty of fun and laughter. I think being 30 will suit him just fine - in any case, men always remain boys deep (or not so deep) down whatever age they are, am I right?

Three facts about E:

1. He's a movie buff. Far too many times, he would discover that I haven't watched this classic or that classic, stare aghast and outraged at me, then make me watch it that very evening. 

2. He loves "dad jokes" - you know them, the old school not funny ones that are funny because they are so not. The pun/play on words ones being his favourite. He never ceases to entertain.

3. It's his dream to go to space. He says that if he wasn't in his current profession, he would have wanted to work for NASA. After watching Gravity, I'm not so sure I want this dream to become a reality!

E, you are wonderfully positive, determined and dedicated, and you always make me laugh. I know you'll rock your thirties - happy birthday!