two thousand and fourteen

Although 2013 was a great year in many ways - hopping on big milestones like graduating with my Masters degree and getting married - I am not all that sad to see it end. It has seen me through the worst of times and I am ready to let it go and to move onwards and upwards.

I did my birthday resolutions not so long ago that still stand, but my one wish for the new year is good health for all my loved ones. It's something we so easily take for granted, and yet it can be taken away from us in an instant.

On a lighter note, fun things I am looking forward to include the Winter Olympics (I'm a huge fan of figure skating), attending a few weddings (my first ones aside from my own since I was very young), and hopefully travelling to see people I miss and places I want to discover.

Happy new year, and thank you so much for welcoming 2014 with me!