the real greek

When we were looking for somewhere to have a bit to eat before the cinema, we came across The Real Greek. The branch we tried out was the Westfields one, but they are dotted around in different corners of the city.

I am game to try anything that might transport me back to our Santorini days!

We weren't going for a big meal by any means, since it was pretty early for dinner and neither of us were famished, but what we did have, we really liked.

The only thing that threw me off about this place? They list the calorie count of every dish on the menu.

Now, I wasn't hugely bothered by this, but I'm not sure that it's necessary either. I firmly believe in healthy eating the majority of the time, but not really on a friday night when you're going out for a meal after a long week!

Anyway, I chose what I wanted regardless. (The big shocker was that the dish highest in calorie content was the main course sized greek salad.)

I had been harbouring a craving for halloumi, so along with skewers of veg & that gloriously salty cheese, I also chose to try out the chicken wings.

E chose the chicken souvlaki.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my picks. The chicken wings were so good - I don't often order them in restaurants, but the seasoning of this was unique and flavourful. I also stole a few bits of E's souvlaki, which was delicious also (although not quite as good as the one we had in Santorini).

I would love to explore other Greek restaurants in London. Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, what do you think of calorie counts being printed on menus? I vote no, but that's just me.