e cooks: fresh pasta

For E's 30th birthday in a few weeks' time, he's planning to cook up a storm for us and a few friends. To say he's excited about it is an understatement - he's already planned the menu and the timeline of his preparations!

One of the dishes he plans to make involves fresh pasta, so he decided (three weeks early…) to practise his pasta making skills, with the aid of a traditional machine that he got given second hand from a friend. And as usual, I was there as paparazzi.

With some red pesto and salami, this was one decadent dinner. He used the recipe from this book, which he's tried before and swears by, and I have to admit the dough is perfect. There's no denying that making pasta at home is a little more hassle than buying pre-made, but for a special occasion or a relaxed weekend it's so worth it. You don't even need a pasta machine, I've tried it without a machine before and it definitely works, you just need some elbow grease.

Do you have a favourite pasta recipe? Please inspire us so we can have an excuse to make this again!