classical music

I don't divulge much about what I do as a job/jobs or about my education on this blog. And I plan to keep it that way; it's simply a place I document the little things, not where I talk about my career aspirations or professional life.

However, one of my young piano students said something yesterday that really made me long to ask one simple question on here, reaching out to whoever is reading.

So, a young 11 year old girl said to me today (I honestly still cannot fathom how a person can be born in the year of 20-something. Mind boggling.) -

"I listen to classical music at home sometimes."

"Oh, that's great!"

"Yeah, because I want to be a surgeon one day, and all the best surgeons in the world listen to classical music when they're doing an operation. It's supposed to be good for your brain."

It made me chuckle. But, it also made me incredibly happy that there was at least a reason for her to want to listen to classical music.

It is and has always been a huge part of my life. And we have been told again and again, it's a dying art, young people don't bother going to concerts, they're not interested, etc. etc. and truly, I don't dismiss those comments. What teenager would choose a Beethoven symphony over a Taylor Swift/One Direction concert? Besides, it's played in some London tube stations to calm the rowdy youths and drunks and whatnot - hardly building itself an appealing reputation for the 21st century babies.

So really, my question out of pure curiosity is this: do you listen to classical music? Did you/do you learn an instrument? How do you perceive the particular genre?