bone daddies

After E and I returned from France post-Christmas, we decided to go on a diet.

An Asian diet, just for a day or two.

Did I fool anyone?!

Although I love pretty much all kinds of French food and enjoyed it thoroughly while we were away, once back at home I was craving a big bowl of noodles like nothing else. (Not helped by the recent memory of Marla's post about delicious ramen.)

We decided to try out Bone Daddies, somewhere that's been on my to-try list for a while, and crossed our fingers that there wouldn't be too crazy a queue.

Turns out, the place is only packed with queues snaking around the corner in the evenings. We immediately got counter seats by the window (the shutterbug blogger in me was very happy!).

After a quick peruse of the menu, we decided on our choice of noodles, and ordered some fried chicken to share whilst we wait. E absolutely loves Japanese fried chicken (called "kara-age") and their ones did not disappoint.

For the main event, E chose the Tonkotsu, with the delicious pork bone broth. He raved about it, and from the little sips I tried I was impressed as well.

As for me, I went for the Tantan-men, a spicy, peanutty, sesame oil based broth with ground beef and chilli.

It's not for the faint hearted, nor for anyone looking for a light, healthy lunch, but this hit the spot. The egg was perfectly (under)cooked and seasoned, noodles fresh and the soup rich but not overpowering. It was piping hot too, as it should be, so much so that my camera lens was fogging up. Oops.

I can see why this place is so popular. Unless you really want to go in the evening, I suggest trying it at lunch time, preferably early, to avoid the queues and for a quiet, casual atmosphere. My girlfriends and I once debated going there one evening, and although the wait wasn't too long, they put up the music to full blast for the evening diners and we decided to go to Tonkotsu instead, where we could actually hear each other talk (and the food there was fantastic too). Just a heads up, in case any of you are also like me and my friends who are premature grandmas and can't handle our ears splitting during dinner!