thai green chicken curry

For a Saturday dinner with friends one weekend ago, I decided to make a ginormous batch of Thai green chicken curry. Last time I did prawn, but this time I stuck to the classic and used chicken.

I pretty much just winged it - I wanted lots of leftovers, so I used an entire jar of Thai green curry paste (sorry, I couldn't face the hassle of homemade!), 3 cans of coconut milk, 4 aubergines, a bag of green beans, and over a kilo of chicken thighs. And a mountain of rice.

I chopped everything up, stir fried the veg, added chicken, and flavoured the coconut milk with lots of coriander, lemongrass, lime juice and fish sauce.

Brought to a boil, and simmered on low heat for about 45 minutes. I wanted everything to be melt in your mouth delicious.

Served with a simple salad with an Asian dressing (sesame oil, lime juice, white wine vinegar & fish sauce) and jasmine rice.

I would say it turned out quite well - I'm no expert when it comes to Thai cooking, but I love the ease of it and the fresh flavours are good any time of the year.

As for dessert - C had prepared the world's most delicious Tiramisu!

What with this and her spectacular gifts, she's going to be in my good books for a long time.

We burnt off the sugar (or some of it, at least) with Absolute Balderdash.

It's a fantastic game to play with your family and friends - we love it, alongside our favourite Taboo.

Do you have any recommendations for another fun game to add to our growing collection? We aren't ones to stay out late clubbing or doing anything remotely wild, but give us a good old board game and we can stay up 'til the crack of dawn laughing our heads off.