When we headed to Covent Garden, we weren't planning on eating out. So when we got a little caught up in the buzz of the place and heard our stomachs grumbling, we were more than a little unprepared for the craziness that is a Saturday night in London town. All the good restaurants had long queues spilling out onto the street - what were we to do?

We had both been to a good Thai place right by Jamie's and Cantina Laredo before, and knowing it has lots of seating across two floors, we headed in to try our luck. Thank goodness, we were quite early so bagged ourselves a table upstairs.

We do love our Thai food, as evidenced by the many appearances of Thai curry on the blog. While E stuck to the classic Green Chicken Curry (can't blame him, it's my favourite too), I decided to branch out a little and got the Sea Bass with red curry sauce.

We also shared these summer rolls (probably not called that in Thai cuisine, but no matter) filled with veg and beef.

E is a good sport and has learnt not to complain much when I whip out the camera at any given moment!

Our mains were great. I loved the fish, although sliiiightly overcooked (but I'm very fussy with fish), the coconut rice more than made up for it, as did the sauce. E devoured his curry and we were both very happy campers.

If you're stuck in the area on a busy night and looking for somewhere good without a 45 minute wait, I would suggest this place as they have a lot of seating, and a little more tucked in that people notice it less! I can attest to the deliciousness of their Pad Thai too, we both had it before and loved it. And no one dislikes Pad Thai, I'm quite sure.