baros: underwater

The best way to describe the sea life in the Indian ocean surrounding the island? Finding Nemo come to life.

The first time we got our snorkelling gear on and dipped our heads in the crystal clear turquoise water, it just didn't look real. The bright neon colours of the fish, the way they moved like little cartoons, the buzzing life that goes on underwater that we had never explored before - it was mesmerising.

The Dive Center at the hotel lent us complimentary snorkelling masks, pipes and flippers, and we also had the option to rent out underwater cameras, which we definitely took advantage of. The photos do little justice to the live experience, but they remind us of the wonder of it all.

Did you spot that ominous-looking shark there? We encountered several while snorkelling, and while they are completely harmless reef sharks and pay no attention to you, we were not exactly free of nerves every time they swam by in their smooth, confident way! 

We also went scuba-diving for the first time ever. It was quite daunting at first, being given a crash course on how to survive underwater, but the instructor was great and she made it very simple for us. 

She also took some photos of us, including E being photo-bombed by a fish.

And guess what?

We found Nemo and his dad!