baros island, maldives

We have just come home from the honeymoon of a lifetime, and I still feel the need to pinch myself to believe it really happened. 

Baros island in the Maldives was, as cliché as it sounds, everything we dreamed of and more. Every little thing - from the stunning scenery, the peace and tranquility, exploration of the beautiful sea life and the wonderful staff - is burnt into our memories and we are so incredibly lucky to have had such an extraordinary experience.

I am so excited to document and share our adventures here over the next few posts! (Because obviously, this trip will be relived and milked for all it's worth.)

p.s. I unplugged during the holiday almost completely -  all the posts for the past week had been scheduled (aside from a couple of Instagram shots that I couldn't resist) - so I have lots of comment replying and blog reading catch up to do!