Two Sundays ago, E and I had a wander around Westfields shopping centre. Well, not so much of a wander as a mission for two things: one, to visit the Yankee candle store as part of his birthday gift to me (I chose Vanilla Lime & Pink Sands, both are dreamy. There's an amazing deal of 2 large jars for 27 pounds there at the moment!), and two, to eat noodles.

Enter Pho.

One of the many options of eateries at Westfields, this one is located on the first floor of the shopping centre amidst the popular shops and other casual dining places.

You order your food, get given a buzzer and grab a seat while you wait.

The prep time wasn't as quick as you might hope, this being a kind of fast food and all, but it was a Sunday and very busy so I think that's forgivable!

I chose fried baby squid, and pho with steak & garlic.

Comfort food, hangover food, whatever you want to call it. It's really good stuff.

I love Vietnamese food so much and don't eat it often enough - this place is great for a quick fix, but I want to try somewhere one step up!

Does anyone have any Vietnamese restaurant recommendations in London? Failing that, any good recipes for pho that I could try my hand at?