lemon & courgette bundt cake

My friend was popping by last weekend, and I knew that I wanted to bake something. It was as much for her as it was for me; I love baking, but I tend to do it when there are more people than us two at home to gobble it up. Sharing is caring (and it stops us from stuffing ourselves).

Anyway, my friend C and I are often exchanging tricks to make our meals and baked goods healthy, without compromising the flavour too much (like the cauliflower rice). I wanted this cake to be indulgent and delicious, with a bit of a healthy touch.

Enter the lemon & courgette bundt cake. Even though the cake itself does include white flour, sugar and butter, I used two large courgettes in there! That negates at least half of the bad stuff, right?

I think it turned out quite nicely - the recipe was easy to follow, and looked pretty with the flecks of yellow and green. I sent C home with some of the remaining cake, and as for the rest? I sneaked in a small slice or two, but E pretty much wolfed the lot down that evening.

Always a good sign.