The evening of my birthday, E took me out for a rather special dinner. I was craving Korean food, so after some research, I requested that we go to Koba.

Even though I finished work late so our dinner was at 9, fairly late for a weekday, we decided to not take the gamble and booked a table anyway. I'm glad we did - the place isn't huge and it was pretty much full.

This is a restaurant with table top barbecue for the quintessential Korean cuisine experience. There are ventilators above every table, and the whole theatrical side of it is always exciting!

First though, we ordered a couple of my favourite dishes.

Kimchi is a given.

We also ordered Pajeon, a pancake with spring onions and seafood, as well as Korean fried chicken "Yangnyeom chicken".

I honestly can't explain how good both these dishes were. We devoured them at an alarmingly speed.

And then for the main event - the meat! We chose Kalbi (beef spare rib), Bulgogi (marinated beef slices) and Sweet & Spicy Pork Belly.

As you can see, you wrap the meat up in lettuce leaves, add marinated spring onions & miso paste, and try to eat it in a somewhat dignified manner.

I'm not entirely sure I succeeded.

This was an indulgent and incredibly delicious meal, and we give this place four thumbs up. It's definitely a place for a special occasion though (for us, at least!) - the bill doesn't break the bank, but it's not somewhere we would go every month.

Just as well, our bodies probably wouldn't cope.