This movie has had a lot of hype. Being avid film fans, we knew we wanted to see what the fuss was all about as soon as it came out. E was adamant about seeing it in IMAX (and rightly so I think, since the high quality meant that even in 3D and action packed in space, I didn't end up feeling queasy!), so although the Wimbledon Odeon isn't our local cinema we thought it would be worth it. (The screenings at the BFI were already sold out at the good times!)

I hate reading spoilers so I definitely will not reveal anything of the plot, but here are my thoughts...

It was a truly classy movie. In that while dealing with the most fundamental elements of being a human being, in the face of life and death and trauma and discovery, it was never once sentimental, over-dramatised, or forced in any way. Even thought the back drop is space, and with all the flair and wonder that comes with it, the story itself is such a simple and modest one that we can all relate to.

I actually initially walked out of the cinema feeling... slightly underwhelmed. I suppose with all the commotion, I expected a huge explosion of a movie that spelt everything out for me and took me on a wild ride of emotions. It definitely made me grip my seat and gnaw my lips at stressful moments, but the real impact came slower, and was so much more profound. The message of the movie sank in as time lapsed, and the next morning my mind was still filled with the questions and answers that I took from Gravity.

Please go and see it, it's absolutely one to be watched on the big screen.

Oh, and one more thing -

You're welcome.