e's rustic omelette

On our first few dates, E was not so subtle about trying to get to my heart through my stomach. The first dish he ever made for me was salmon risotto, and during the following years he cooked delicious meals that made me very glad we had good food in common.

Last friday, E cooked one of the best things he's ever made - a simple, yet utterly delectable omelette. Omelettes are tricky things - it's all about timing. Even though the whole thing was pretty fast paced, I managed to catch a few snapshots of the chef in action.

First, he friend lardons to a golden crisp.

Emmental was grated, eggs whisked with chopped chives and a splash of double cream.

He melted a scary amount of butter on the pan (this is probably why he often bans me from the kitchen when he cooks...).

And then it was all go go go. He tipped in the eggs, sprinkled it with the cheese and lardons, added a handful of croutons, and slid it on the plate in a classic French omelette style.

Voila! Dinner was served.

Look at that cheese.

He based it on recipes from Michel Roux Sr. and from a restaurant in Avignon from a few decades ago which specialised in omelettes.

I have to say, he outdid himself with this! We enjoyed them with crisp white wine and it made for a lovely evening in.

We are having friends over for dinner this weekend, and E is cooking up a huge feast for it - to say that he's excited would be an understatement.

Maybe I'll get him a (manly) apron for Christmas...