e cooks: roast chicken, gratin dauphinoise, lemon tart

Since we got some lovely feedback on e's cooking last time, I thought I would label all future posts of him playing the chef, "e cooks". Hopefully having his own little category here will encourage him to continue upping his game in the kitchen!

Without further ado, last friday we had our friends C & J over for dinner and the three course menu was:

Salad with fine herbs and lardons

Roast chicken, haricot vert with shallots and garlic, gratin dauphinoise

Lemon tart.

All recipes from his beloved new Thomas Keller cookbook (it was like Christmas day on prozac the day he received this mammoth of a book from Amazon).

There's no denying it - the man can cook.

J told me specifically to mention how much he enjoyed the meal on the blog - thanks J! C decided that her favourite part was the dessert. She didn't need to tell us, as she chipped away at it while we played Taboo. The boys wanted revenge for last time, but it didn't happen. Better luck next time guys! (High five, C.)

Although it's always nice to go out to a restaurant with friends, I think I personally prefer having an intimate and cosy dinner at home with nice company. We can light up the candles and put on any music  we like and relax on the sofa after all the food.

Yes, the cooking part can be hard work, but if you enjoy it and you are passionate about it then it's worth it for all the praise you get. Right, E?