e cooks: quiche lorraine

The last time we had quiche on the blog, it was a lot more casual. Throw in whatever you have in the fridge, use pre-made dough for a rustic crust and voila.

This time, armed with his favourite cookbook, E decided to take the level up a notch and make a proper, classic, quiche lorraine.

You really need to want to make this quiche, because contrary to how the photos might look, it's quite hard work. (Says me, who was playing with the camera/dancing to Christmas songs/drinking red wine while he was at it.)

Is it worth it? Absolutely. The only critiques we had about this first attempt was that it was slightly over seasoned, and could have been a little less cooked (as you heat up each portion in the oven before serving anyway). Other than that though, it made for a lovely lunch alongside a side salad with french vinaigrette.

I'm wondering what's next on his agenda, since his head is buried in a cookbook as we speak...