al forno

Were you planning on friday night pizza?

Well, you will be after this post.

When we went to see gravity in Wimbledon, we knew where we wanted to grab a bite beforehand - Al Forno. When we lived closer, we often went there for their massive and delicious pizzas. Now, I know Wimbledon isn't exactly the most central of places in London, but if you find yourself in the neighbourhood this is not a place to miss.

Even though this place is extremely popular, we managed to squeeze ourselves in for an early dinner. The restaurant is always buzzing with loud Italian waiters, and more often than not someone is having a birthday dinner and they put happy birthday on the speakers and everyone sings along.

But let's get to the main event - the pizza. It. is. so. good. They come in 3 different sizes, and already the medium size is the size of half a table, served on a wooden plank.

We shared a Capricciosa.

We were hungry.

Don't be mistaken, the crust and the dough itself is incredible. I didn't forgo them out of choice! I stuffed myself as I much as I physically could.

I only wish we lived closer, what I would't do to have this place just down the street! The atmosphere and the well-priced, authentic food is just perfect for winter date nights.