Tommi's Burger Joint

This is a quick review, but I think appropriately so, because Tommi's Burger Joint is essentially a fast food pitstop. Make no mistake though, it's no McDonalds.

We stopped by because we were in need of a quick dinner and we were in the area, and we had been recommended this place by a friend (as well as many online reviews).

It's simple really - order at the counter, wait for your food, and devour. We both went for classic cheeseburgers, medium rare.

They got the medium rare bang on, which is quite rare. (I know, I'm hilarious.) It might look simple, but the burger itself was really quite good. The only slight gripe I had was that the cheese wasn't oozy and melty, but it wasn't a huge deal. E and I both rated the burger below Patty & Bun, and just above Shake Shack. It's safe to say that we have happily hopped on the burger bandwagon that exploded in London.

Do you have a favourite burger place? Please share so we don't feel so gluttonous.