Real Food Festival @ Southbank

In the past, I've stumbled across the food festivals that are held at the Southbank from time to time, but always by accident. This time, when I saw that there was another one on last weekend (and that the weather would be ok), E and I headed out armed with very empty stomachs to explore and eat.

We were pretty impressed with the variety and the quality of the food we found there, and there was a nice atmosphere with the autumn sun and live music. The Southbank is somewhere I love to be on sunny days, where you can choose from a plethora of restaurants and enjoy a lovely walk down the river Thames. Livened up by the delicious stalls, it only gets better!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to snap a picture of my lunch as I had my hands full, but they were full with a delectable chicken shawarma from a mediterranean food stall. It was seriously good, as were the various desserts we picked up (we went extra hungry, so no judgement please).

I couldn't resist a tiny little red velvet cupcake, which was just as gorgeous as it looks, and of course I couldn't turn down a pastel de nata. Freaking love that stuff.

E got a monster of a raspberry cheesecake which, from the few bites I had (big ones), I know was a winner. I'm not a sweet tooth person in general, but I think I get sucked in by how pretty desserts look. Clearly I'm easy to please.

We wondered around a little more, and to our delight and our wallets' distress, we found a bottle of Sauterne for a decent price, which we just couldn't bear to go home without. I may not know a

whole lot about wine

, but I do know that this bottle is quite special. Or was, as it was emptied remarkably quickly.

As we walked across the bridge over to Embankment, I took in the stunning skyline and thought about how lucky I was.

Maybe I was sentimental from all that sugar.