Drizzle Cake for Drizzly Days

Considering that I love to bake, there are quite a few classics that I haven't yet tried my hand at. Until now, lemon drizzle cake was on that list.

Today we are heading to the leafier outskirts of the city to visit someone special, and I knew I wanted to bake something. Knowing that she is partial to lemon tarts and having baked her one already a while ago, I thought I would try out its lemony cousin.

I used Jamie Oliver's recipe and pretty much followed it to a T without any creative flairs of my own, but from the looks of it I would say it was a success...

...but is there anything more agonising than baking a whole cake as a gift, and not being able to cut into it and check that the inside is as lovely as you hope it is? I've just got everything crossed that a) my clumsy self will not squish or drop it into an early grave on the journey there, and b) that the taste is the citrus-y deliciousness of my dreams.

I've got faith in you, cake.