The Curtains Up

The weekend before we moved, we bid farewell to our local pub, The Curtains Up. I didn't live in our old place for too long, but I had frequented this place quite a few times and we were both attached to it - it's a charmingly decorated, clean, cosy pub, with one heck of a good burger on their menu.

Of course, we had to go for it with all the trimmings. It was cooked to perfection, medium-rare & lots of melted cheddar.

It was ginormous and I was absolutely stuffed. My husband religiously sticks to the "separate stomach for dessert" rule though, so he went for the chocolate cheesecake.

I'm not a huge fan of chocolate cheesecake (regular cheesecake is a different story) and I was already going to have to roll myself home, so I just tried a few nibbles. E said it was delicious and exactly what he wanted, so it got big thumbs up from him.

We are really going to miss this place, but hopefully we'll find some new local gems. This pub is above the Baron's Court Theatre, and it's very close to the Queen's Tennis Club, so if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood I would highly suggest popping in!