Busaba Eathai & Snog

And I don't mean a post-curry smooch. But you probably guessed that.

The other day, we went on a unexpected lunchtime double date. It was supposed to be a girly catch up, but the boys managed to weasel their way in somehow (it seems they can switch on their charm when food is involved) and we ended up with the four of us, happy & hungry.

We stuck to the original plan of eating at Busaba Eathai, a Thai cuisine chain. The one we went to is on the restaurant terrace by Westfield in Shepherd's Bush, that stands alongside other popular places like Wahaca & GBK.

Compared to the more upscale Thai restaurants, the offerings on the menu are probably fairly basic. But the quality of the food is quite impressive for the price, and the portions are generous. Three of us went for the green curry, and J chose the pad thai.

I have to say, the chicken in this curry was delicious. Looking at these photos is making me want to eat it again! I chose to have the coconut rice, a favourite of mine that I love to order when available.

After the spiciness, we just couldn't say no to cooling down with some frozen yogurt from


 inside the Westfield shopping centre. I tried chocolate froyo for the first time, and nothing goes better with chocolate than raspberries (along with strawberries, peanut butter, banana, caramel, sea salt... and lots of other things).

To burn off some of that food, of course I went for a walk around the shops. I managed to find good birthday presents for my little sister (not so little, 22 now!) so all in all, it was a good day.