BP Portrait Award @ The National Portrait Gallery

Last weekend, it was a sunny Saturday and we had plans to go to an exhibition outside of London that I've been dying to visit (and hopefully still will in the next month!). Sadly, we had some work and flat hunting things to take care of for some of the day, so we decided to go for a short & sweet afternoon outing to the National Portrait Gallery, for the BP Portrait Award Exhibition.

This was the third (not consecutive) year that I had been to this exhibition, and it's a very interesting experience each time. It showcases 55 top portraits from the competition, including the prizewinners. E and I both had different opinions on which portraits stood out to us, which were also different to the chosen prizewinners. Art, in any shape or form, is so personal and subjective, it's always fascinating to learn from the viewpoint of others and to discover your own. 

The great thing about this exhibition is that a) entrance is free, and b) it's compact, so you could just as easily pop in for a quick look around as you could dedicate a day to exploring the entire gallery. 

We left the rest of the gallery for another day, and went for a stroll in Trafalgar Square. E got me a scoop of salted caramel HΓ€agen-Dazs which is now one of my all time favourite flavours (seriously, try it), and we soaked up a little sunshine in Leicester Square.

If you're interested in an inexpensive (free), interesting and inspiring activity this weekend, you should give this exhibition a go before it ends on September 15th!