Smoked Salmon Pasta

If this pasta salad was the healthy take on the Italian carb-y goodness, this is the polar opposite. Unbutton your jeans, because this is one hearty dish.

When I transitioned from being in boarding school to living alone for university, one of the most daunting prospects was cooking for myself. Since smoked salmon is my favourite food, I made a beeline for this recipe to have in my arsenal, as my very first "cook to impress" meal.

I have since tweaked the original (read = play it by ear every time), and have no idea where I found the recipe, but nevertheless this is my take on it.

Once you've put a big pot of water on the stove to boil, take a few stalks of spring onion, a generous amount of garlic, and chop/crush respectively.

Cut about 100g of smoked salmon into bite sized pieces, and prepare half a lemon for later.

Fry the spring onions and garlic in a bit of olive oil until it sizzles and smells delicious, and then pour in 300ml of single cream. Add the juice of the lemon.

Let it simmer on low heat, and in the meantime boil your pasta. I used regular spaghetti this time, but my favourite for this dish would be linguini or fettucini.

A couple of minutes before the pasta is ready, add the smoked salmon to the cream sauce and season to taste.

Drain the pasta, mix with the sauce, and you're done.

Add a sprinkle of your favourite herb & some parmesan, and enjoy!

This was just what we needed last weekend. I went all out and also baked some brownies, with a secret family recipe that I was kindly given. Ridiculously indulgent and worth every bite.