santorini :: before the proposal

Although we have been married legally for a couple of weeks now, our main wedding in France is in one week, and things are getting pretty hectic! Hence the lack of blog posts this week. But it occurred to me that it is that popular blogging feature day, "Throwback Thursday", and I thought it might be worth just sitting down, taking a breather, and remembering the trip last summer that started this whole getting hitched process.

These are photos from our first day in Santorini. We had a magical dinner with the most beautiful sunset view, and I had no idea just how nervous E was, as he surprised me by dropping down on one knee just a few hours later. Even as things get a little crazy around here for the next week or so, we need to slow down, remember why exactly we are taking this leap of faith, and most importantly, laugh off all the stress! (We are quite good at that.)