At the beginning, the concept of flat hunting for the first time with E was exciting. Don't get me wrong, it still is, but it's also very stressful, frustrating and time-consuming. Although we are staying positive that we will find something that feels right, the other day we were tired, disgruntled and discouraged after bad viewings, and it was barely past midday.

That was when Moosh came to our rescue. We were headed to the standard sandwich from Pret for a quick lunch, when we stumbled across this quirky looking cafe that boasted natural, wholesome food.

It was technically lunch time, but when we saw the breakfast menu there was no going back. I went for the pancakes with bacon, sausage, berries & maple syrup, and E chose the granary toast with bacon, sausage, vegetables & scrambled eggs.

At first sight I thought the pancakes were a little flat and sad looking, but they were perfectly fluffy and utterly delicious, especially topped with maple syrup and bacon. My ultimate guilty pleasure.

E was also thoroughly impressed with his dish, and the plates were practically licked clean in no time.

Those hopeless flat viewings obviously took a lot out of us, because we still weren't done! We couldn't leave without tasting their Banoffee Pie frozen yogurt, and we were not disappointed. (E also got a giant choc chip cookie the size of his head, no idea how boys do it.)

Trying out this place made us want to live in the area! There seems to be only one Moosh, near Fulham Broadway, but if you find yourself in the neighbourhood it's well worth a try. We were cheered up and refueled to continue on with our flat hunt in the afternoon. (No luck yet...)