Jamie's Italian, Covent Garden

After our nice walk in Covent Garden, we wandered around to see what we felt like for dinner. E was in the mood for italian, so we'd found our winner when Jamie's Italian popped up. I had only ever been once to Jamie's years ago, the one in Kingston, so I was more than happy to try it again.

Having been a Saturday night, naturally the place was packed and we were given a 45 minute wait (although it was more like 30). We happily parked ourselves at the bar and occupied ourselves with a couple of Jamie's Special Mojitos, and fried three cheese gnocchi bites. Decadent enough?

Our fancy pager let us know that our table was ready, and we snagged a good one on the terrace. There are not too many things in life I love more than al fresco dining - no matter where you are, you feel like you are on holiday!

I immediately knew what I wanted.

I went for the Black Angel Spaghetti, while E chose the Turkey Milanese with Posh Chips on the side.

The pasta at Jamie's proves the huge difference that fresh pasta makes to a dish. You could tell that the spaghetti was freshly made, the scallops were delicious and the sauce was spot on.

E's Milanese was fantastic too, as were the chips with truffle and parmesan. We are both big foodies, so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, outside in the warm courtyard.

We had enough room for dessert (who doesn't?), so we went for the brownie. 

It was very hard work trying to finish off this monster.

I think Jamie's Italian is a great option for a date, as it's not too stuffy or too outrageously priced, but the food is really great. It's also the perfect place for lunch or dinner with friends (we actually went back a couple of days later with some friends for a special celebratory lunch), especially sitting outside in the sun. Check out their site to see which one of their restaurants is closest to you, and hop on over there and enjoy the deliciousness!