Chinchin Labs: Nitro Ice-cream

To be quite fair, I go weak at the knees for ice cream. Pretty much any ice cream. So you could say that my standards aren't all that high... but, I do know enough to know that this is something quite special.

As my friend S and I were wondering around in Camden Lock yesterday, we stumbled across the Chinchin Labs, at which moment I squealed a little. I had read about this place on some review sites before, but brushed it off as somewhere that I'm not likely to bump into any time soon. Even though we weren't exactly hungry after our impressive burrito lunch, we aren't too girly in the stomach department so we marched into the little shop and watched the magic happen.

Science was always my worst subject at school, so I honestly can't tell you what kind of miracles create their ice cream, but really, who needs to know when the finished product is this dreamy?

S chose the Valrhona Chocolate with honeycomb pieces, which was decadently rich and one of the best chocolate ice creams I've ever tried. I went for the special of the week, Juicy Pineapple Choc Chip, which sounded like a curious combination but it was divine. Topped with Caramelised Pretzels, it was hard to believe that this ice cream was entirely dairy-free and made purely of pineapples (except the choc chips, of course); it was as creamy as ice cream and bursting with serious pineapple flavour.

Please try it if you're in the area, it's tucked away by the Camden Lock railway bridge. Four thumbs up!